Ed & Tash Foster

Ed and Natasha got married in December, 2016 at the Rhynd. It was the first event in the old cattle shed and, since then, the space has hosted over 40 events and the Café has been launched.

For the past 10 years, Natasha has been the leading force on the exercise front, enthusiastically trialling every HIIT, boxing, spinning and yoga class available. Ed, on the other hand, firmly believes in not ‘doing’ exercise, and so limits himself to the occasional squash match or (very) reluctant forced ‘couples’ class (usually dragged, kicking and screaming, only to be reminded that classes are hard after an enjoyable night of white wine).

The idea of Farming Fit came about as an antidote to the normal exercise class. Ed and Natasha figured there must be a middle ground where lovers and haters of fitness classes could come together and both really enjoy themselves. Farming Fit is Ed’s way to get as fit as Natasha, with a class that is fun and works for all fitness levels. Are you going to join him?